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Detoxification for Life

Nov 29, 2017 09:08PM
by Dr. Mark McClure
What do we mean by detoxification, and why for life? Let’s get some perspective.

All of us want to be healthy, because without health, all the money in the world is worthless. So, what are the chances of remaining healthy? How healthy are you now and what is your biological age compared to your chronological age? Unfortunately, the answer is not very promising for you or your children, as many adults are aging beyond their chronological age, and doctors are seeing more chronic disease developing in children. The facts are undeniable; individuals and families are seeing the effects firsthand of the rise in chronic health problems such as cancer, heart disease, fatigue, allergies, neuro-degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, autism, dementia, chronic pain and mental health issues.

Integrative medicine addresses the root causes of disease and toxicity is one of the primary root causes of all diseases. This fact is the consensus of millions of doctors and their patients, and foundational to integrative medical strategies. Awareness is critical in order to treat or prevent illness; therefore everyone should understand the toxic exposures they and their loved ones are exposed to on a daily basis by living in our modern world.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification, like weeding a garden, is the process of removing undesirable elements from the body. A simple explanation of detoxification is getting the “bad stuff out” of the body, but also the converse—putting the “good stuff in.” Undesirable elements can include the heavy metals, the toxic chemicals, the bowel pathogens, the other unwanted guests—such as Lyme and the co-infections, parasites, molds and fungi, but also the noxious energies from wireless devices.

Why do we need to detox? The simple answer is that the laundry list of toxins affect the neuro-immune system that helps to maintain heath, and the toxic load can burden the neuroimmune system. Toxicity thus becomes one of the primary root causes of chronic inflammation, chronic infections and many diseases.

It is essential to educate yourself and become an active participant in your health. To regain or maintain health, everyone should to be very conscious and learn how to reduce toxic exposures whenever possible—and practice detoxification for life.

The first step is to start with the basics and to learn the list of common toxins:

Heavy metals: lead, mercury, aluminum – that may destroy brain/ nerve cells and immune systems

Toxic chemicals: Environmental, food or water, personal care products

Noxious energies: Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, routers, smart meters, wireless devices and environmental exposures

Halogens: Chlorine, fluoride and bromide, which can especially disrupt thyroid function

The food supply: Many people don’t eat real food anymore but processed food-like stuff that can be stored, may be genetically modified, full of pesticides and other chemicals and has very little nutritional value.

Drugs: The overuse of prescription and pharmaceutical drugs and substance use disorders create a burden on the systems of the body that must process them.

Chronic infections: Lyme disease and co-infections, Candida and Epstein-Barr can overburden the body and contribute to inflammation and toxicity.

Educate yourself to understand the toxicities you and your family may encounter on a daily basis. Then, use the list and begin to reduce toxic exposure in areas you can control like a clean diet, healthy water, cellphone use, a healthy home, a healthy sleep sanctuary and using natural therapies that can assist with detoxification—for life.

Dr. Mark McClure is a pioneer in biological and holistic dentistry. He and his dental and medical colleagues are available for consultations, gatherings and any other way they can spread their message of health and hope to clients and others. Location: National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), 5225 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Ste. 402, Washington D.C. For more information on detoxification, visit For more information about NIHA, call 202-237-7000 or visit


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