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Spotlight on LaShone Wilson and One Breath at a Time

LaShone Wilson is an integrative health and wellness coach and the executive director of One Breath at a Time, Mindful Living and Wellness Services, based in Washington, D.C. One Breath at a Time is a rapidly growing company with the mission to empower others through health and wellness coaching, mind-body connection, mindfulness and yoga therapy. The company focuses on full-body wellness—beyond the treatment and elimination of disease. Individual and group services are tailored to empower and support the client toward the desired transformation. Particular focus is placed on self-awareness, reframing, self-regulation, pain relief and paradigm shifts.

The company integrates the principles of healing presence, co-active coaching, yoga, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and breath-work into every client interaction. Curriculums are developed based on an agreed partnership and the clients’ particular needs. Clients are fully supported as they go through the discovery and awareness process. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their lives and make choices that align with their goals. One Breath at a Time assumes strength and capability instead of weakness and dependency from the client. This approach supports the client in assuming responsibility for the experience and empowers the client to take actions changing the experience, when desired.

Wilson offers a variety of coaching packages for adults developed in response to what clients were seeking. More than a series of coaching sessions, Wilson takes her clients on a journey that requires full participation of the coach and client. While each package is designed to accomplish a goal, based on the wants and needs of the client, most of the packages include key components such a weekly one-hour coaching session, weekly supportive text messages and a 42-day partnership that empowers the client with self-care tools that support them in obtaining and maintaining full-body health.

Several of the packages also include an optional massage, bodywork or a personal yoga session. She is certified to teach Bikram Hot Yoga and other hatha yoga styles and is trained in fertility yoga, yoga therapy, Pilates, hot barre, Aromatouch Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, as well as reiki level I. Although Wilson has a number of set packages in place, she is always eager to personalize a plan to make it most beneficial to the client.

In addition to her packages for adults, Wilson offers a variety of health and wellness coaching programs that provide a safe, supportive, educational and healing space for children, youth and teens. These programs are specifically designed to acknowledge young people as valuable contributors to the world. Wilson integrates practical life skills, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, compassion, mindfulness, health, wellness and stewardship principles into each package, specifically tailored to the individual’s learning style and preference. She is also able to incorporate and teach children's yoga—including those with unique needs such as autism and ADHD.

As practitioner and teacher and teaching yoga and mindfulness for 13 years, Wilson continues to break down barriers by collaborating with hospitals, therapeutic programs, schools and nonprofit organizations teaching mindful living and wellness in addition to her personalized coaching work. Her selfless efforts were honored in 2015 when she was awarded the NAACP Hometown Champion Award.

As a community-focused company, One Breath at a Time, under Wilson, is fully committed to teaching health and wellness to under-resourced communities or communities who are less likely to have access to holistic health and wellness. It hosts a free Women’s Empowerment and Wellness Forum yearly for women and children, as well as other health and wellness educational forums. It partners with nonprofit organizations that support women getting back into the workforce and transitioning back into society as productive citizens.

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