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Improving Home Improvement: A Spotlight on Amicus Green Building Center

There is an undeniable trend in our area and throughout the country, where many individuals are realizing the path to wholeness is achieved beyond a healthy diet and exercise. What goes into the body is just as important as the environment in which a body dwells. Likewise, as many search for sustainable, farm-raised, locally sourced and organic foods, they are now also seeking products and materials that reflect their desire not to harm our planet as they build, renovate and furnish their homes. They are expanding their understanding of “home”. This is where Amicus Green Building Center, in Kensington, comes in. Since 2005, the staff at Amicus has been a key resource for those looking to do small and large projects in their homes.

Specifically, Amicus is a design center and home improvement store that takes a fresh approach to creating spaces—fostering fresh designs, fresh air and water. No matter the homeowners’ or renters’ scope, goals or budget, they have products and expertise to help create a wonderful space that looks fantastic and feels great. Their stated mission is to “help people live, work, play and pray in sustainable, comfortable, healthy, affordable and responsible buildings.”

According to the founder, Jason Holstine, the motivation to open Amicus grew out of his desire to grow a green business that makes a real difference. “I was drawn to the concept of green building because it can address so many aspects of improving our present and our future—making people more comfortable, healthy and productive; protecting forests, waters, air, flora and fauna; minimizing energy waste; and protecting our neighbors and economy by supporting domestic jobs. It really is an all-encompassing action that can move the needle,” notes Holstine.

Working with homeowners, contractors, architects and renters, every project is different, yet they all have a common core: running a smoother project to produce a better space. Amicus works on many kitchen and bath remodeling projects, plus home additions, new residential construction and commercial projects. They also work with many people needing to solve specific problems—like to block offgassing paints and finishes (although of course the better bet would be using their products to begin with).

“Our greatest value is to help people think through their decision process and create nice designs and solutions, all without having to worry about the health or environmental considerations because those elements are already baked in. So, our focus is on good design and execution,” says Holstine.

Just as their name implies (amicus means friend in Latin), they strive to bring products, principles and practices that support their customers.

Location: 4080A Howard Ave., Kensington, Maryland, in the West Howard Antiques District. For more information, visit

June 2020




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