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A Place to Learn of Holistic Approaches to Expand Self-Growth

Feb 28, 2018 02:30PM
All are invited to the Holistic Energy Expo, a free event, designed to create a warm, supportive and welcoming environment to connect like-minded people. It will be held from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on May 6, in Ashburn, Virginia. Expo co-founders, Annie Larson and Linda Pisani encourage everyone from the casually curious attendee to the experienced practitioner to come enjoy the great energy of the expo and their 25 vendors.

Throughout the day, attendees can explore affordable mini-sessions, which are available to sample on a walk-in basis or you may book ahead by contacting the various vendors directly from the Holistic Energy Expo Facebook event page.  Participants can enjoy a mini-session with massage therapists, reiki master energy healers, sound therapists, psychics, mediums, angel card readers and fairy readers. Vendors will offer for sale holistic products, jewelry, crystals, essential oils, divination cards and tools and so much more.

This is the second expo for Larson and Pisani, after they received wonderful reviews from participants of their first expo, including: “Thank you Linda and Annie for creating something wonderful in our community, all under one roof. Loved every moment of it. I’ll be at your next one for sure.”  "Thank you so much, Annie and Linda for the amazing event! It was a beautiful picture of love, light and a shared appreciation for healing. Looking forward to the event in the Spring! So blessed to know you both and learn from your example.”

Location: 21400 Windmill Dr., Ashburn, VA. For more information, or


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