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Steps to Create a Healthy Environment

A Conversation with Dr. Mark McClure of National Integrated Health Associates

Natural Awakenings, Washington, D.C. editor, Robin Fillmore, had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Mark McClure why and how we all need to be aware of creating a toxin-free home to live a long and healthy life. Below is a part of that interaction.

Why is it important for individuals to take steps to have a healthy home?

All one’s hard work to be healthy, including money spent on testing and health professionals, diet and lifestyles, exercise and physical medicine machines and classes, can be reversed when living in a compromised home and environment.

What changes in our environment have made a healthy home more challenging?

Modern building construction, the modern world of electricity, cell phones, internet, wireless technologies, the chemical revolution and much more, can bring the world and conveniences to our fingertips and tame the elements—which is a very good thing. But this comes at a price of enhanced exposure to noxious energies, mold, toxic chemicals and poor air/water quality. Our home should be a place of healing and health, where food, rest and re-charge is maximized. Sadly, all too often, it is just the opposite. 

What are some of the specific contributors to an unhealthy home?

There has been a dramatic increase in noxious energies or electrosmog (EMF, radiofrequency radiation and Geopathic stress). Noted expert Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt calls electrosmog the third leading cause of chronic illness in U.S. behind heavy metals and chronic infections. Everyone needs to learn to protect themselves from electrosmog. Another problem is mold, which is prevalent in homes. Mold and fungi grow in damp, stagnant air and a dark environment. Mold growth is enhanced by modern building methods of sealing the home, which eliminates the potential for outside ventilation and the home’s ability to breathe.

Medical professionals also note the increase of chemicals in the home, as well. Typically, there are more than 6,000 chemicals in the home and 200,000 chemicals released into the environment—and very few are tested for safety. These accumulate and synergize with other toxins (heavy metals, chronic infection toxins) to create exponential health issues. This includes personal care and home cleaning products. It is important to remember that what is placed on the skin goes into the body, and there are healthy alternatives to these toxic products.

The food in a modern kitchen greatly contributes to an unhealthy home. Too much sugar, artificial chemicals, pesticides found on non-GMO foods may create inflammation as well as sensitivities to gluten. Likewise, having a clean water source at home is vital. Chlorine and fluoride are poisons that may disrupt endrocrine function and affect one’s thyroid metabolism. Also, biofilm of bacterial toxins seeps into home tap water from the water lines.

What are the top 5 things we can all do to create a healthier home environment?

  • Evaluate your home! Look for noxious energies, mold and mildew (water leaks) and assess the interior environment for healthy, safe air.
  • Get smart about organic living, especially if you have a chronic issue that is not being resolved and get help. Applying common sense to an enhanced understanding, but also test (and not guess) to understand electrosmog hygiene, enlist the support of wellness professionals and health coaches and have an energetic health evaluation as part of a functional assessment.
  • Educate yourself about electrosmog and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) which are given off by wireless devices. This is an uphill battle to bring electrosmog issues to the consciousness of everyone – doctors as well as patients. Exposure to electrosmog is rapidly increasing with many known deleterious health effects.
  • Invest in a good water filter for healthy drinking water.
  • Use healthy, non-toxic cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda.
What are some things we can do to protect our bodies from an unhealthy environment?

The key is to detox for life. This includes: ridding the body of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, identify; reducing one’s load of chronic infestations (such as mold, Lyme, parasites); rehabilitating then optimizing one’s bowels and liver, which is the body’s best “detox, immune, digestive and much more organ.” This means educating oneself about good bowel health (colonics, home enema, liver flushes), treating allergies, adding digestive enzymes if one is old or sick and probiotics for life, found in both foods and supplements.

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) practitioners can assist you with a good detox program based on your needs. Not only should one incorporate these strategies for now, it is important to make these changes for life.

Dr. Mark McClure is a pioneer in biological and holistic dentistry. The Holistic Dental team understands that a healthy mouth supported by holistic, mercury free dentistry is critical to health. Location: 5225 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Ste. 402, Washington D.C. For more information on detoxification, visit For more information about NIHAcall 202-237-7000 or visit

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