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Don’t Sweat It! The Health Benefits of Sauna

Apr 30, 2018 04:03PM
Sauna has been a beloved and persistent tradition in cultures across the globe for many years and there is good reason—it has innumerable health benefits. Not only is a sauna a great way to relieve stress, it can also flush toxins from the body.

The deep sweating that is experienced in a sauna can release toxins from deep in the tissue, including copper, lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies from our normal environment. Sweating also cleanses the skin. The deep sweating removes dead skin cells from the body, while sweat rinses bacteria out of the deep-skin tissue.

The high temperatures associated experienced while in a sauna increases one’s cardiac output, which causes the blood vessels to dilate—and makes it easier for blood to flow through the body. Within a single sauna session, you can burn up to 300 calories as you increase your heart rate. Saunas can also help reduce illness, due to the high heat which raise the white blood cell count, which provides another layer of prevention.

Laina Poulakos is the founder of Mother’s Nature Store and a certified aromatherapist and herbologist. For a consultation and products, call 703-851-0087 or visit


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