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Letter From the Publisher

Apr 30, 2018 10:04PM
Dear Readers,

Today, many women are looking beyond conventional medicine alone to keep themselves well—by optimizing their health, preventing illness and treating acute and chronic conditions naturally. A holistic approach includes diet, exercise, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, stress reduction and self-care, as well as spiritual renewal.

The women in my life remind me that they are becoming more aware that most modern maladies are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of negative lifestyles and toxic environmental factors, including junk food and malnutrition, pesticides, antibiotics, microwaves and chemical pollution of food, water and air. They also are taking their health into their own hands by making better choices. Our May issue, with a focus on women’s health, helps to add to that positive conversation.

One of this month’s features by Dr. Charles Gant, takes a detailed look at personalized or precision medicine and the differences that exist in natural comprehensive approaches to major chronic illness versus conventional medicine. The good news is we are realizing the integration of these specialties, and patients are enjoying better results and improved health outcomes when they pursue a personalized approach that includes testing for the root cause of a condition and targeting the appropriate treatment.

Most of us are aware that chronic inflammation is connected to many health conditions. Local physical therapist and osteoporosis specialist Susan Brady contributes an article on how inflammation contributes to osteoporosis and alerts us to another reason to adopt a diet that promotes overall wellness and nutrition. Brady is offering a free webinar titled Live Life without Fear of Fracturing on May 7 from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m. To sign up for this event, visit

Take advantage of our many area farmer's markets—full of fresh fruits, vegetables and organically raised proteins, including our new Natural Awakenings family member, Spiral Path Farm! Start making plans for the spring and summer festivals. Stop by the Montgomery County GreenFest, on May 5, to say hello at the Natural Awakenings table. If you are into yoga, enjoy the free 10th annual Love Your Body Festival in Reston, coming in June or get your tickets now for the Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival, which returns with headliner Krishna Das in September.





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