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An Opportunity to Explore your Dwelling

Apr 30, 2018 08:52AM
Dwell to Live is a workshop hosted by Takoma Park architect Bill Hutchins, in concert with his new book, Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home. The workshop explores the dialogue between your inner home and how it relates to the physical home you live in.

Dwell to Live has a simple format, centered on being guided through a series of creative questions and meditative experiences. In the workshop, participants will explore the questions such as: What makes you thrive?; What makes you connect to a physical space?; and How your home can embody these insights?

There will be time and space to take in a poetic image, sit with it, wait for a response and express that response through drawing or modeling clay. Don't worry—this is not supposed to be art. No one will be judged upon their ability to create art. It is a form of expression to be shared with the rest of the group for insights from group participants.

Dwell to Live will be an intense insightful and fun workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to work indoors in a beautiful space, and outdoors in nature. There will a number of breaks as well as an invitation to take the day at your own pace.

Cost: $150. Location: 7108 Holly Ave., Takoma Park, MD.  For more information or to register, visit


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