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Natural Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep

May 31, 2018 10:28PM
by Allan Tomson and Pam Snyder
A person who is considered a natural beauty can be defined as someone who is conscious in making healthy choices; including in the movement, rest and renewal they participate in and the food they eat. If you live well, your body will radiate with natural beauty—you will have a twinkle in the eye and a clear mind. To focus on natural beauty, it is also important to look at the products that are applied to the skin, which is the largest and most permeable organ on the human body. It can be a dubious challenge in today’s world where photoshopping images and smart advertising have us comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty.

Almost 13,000 chemicals are used in commercial cosmetics and only about 10 percent have been evaluated for safety. The average US woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing 168 different chemicals, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). While most men use fewer products, they are still exposed to 85 chemicals a day and teenagers many more, according to a 2015 study conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola and published by the EWG.

A great place to start on one’s natural beauty journey is to follow the basic rule: don’t put anything on your body that you would not put in your body. Our bodies were made to be well-cared for by the things Mother Nature intended. EWG has a great database to help find personal-care products that are free of potentially dangerous chemicals at their website, As well, it has become popular to utilize the phone app Think Dirty to verify product safety. However, this app has recently been purchased by Proctor and Gamble.

Products bearing the USDA 100 percent organic seal are among your safest bets to avoid potentially toxic ingredients. Beware that products boasting "all-natural" labels can still contain harmful chemicals, so be sure to check the full list of ingredients.

Better yet, simplify your routine and make your own products. A slew of lotions, potions and hair treatments can be eliminated with a jar of coconut oil, to which you can add a high-quality essential oil for added benefits. Another available option is to learn about and eliminate from one’s regime harmful chemicals, parabens, BPA, talc and other harmful ingredients and replace them with superior organic personal care products.

As we recall that the skin is the largest and most permeable organ the body, just about anything that is put on the skin will end up in your bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. Over time, these ingredients tend to accumulate because we typically lack the necessary enzymes to break them down, in a process called bio accumulation. Just as Edgar Casey, a well-regarded medical intuitive from the 1920s was asked, “What can be done locally for impurities on the face?” His response was, “Keep the eliminations open.” Any toxicity within the large intestine can be absorbed into the body and emitted through the skin. It is good practice to periodically detox to assist in the healthy elimination of these accumulated toxic elements.

Whether you make your own or switch to a truly natural, toxin-free brand of skin-care products, there are alternatives to the common, and often toxic, products that line drugstore and beauty store shelves—and you might even find that you like them better than your old brand.

With so many good alternatives and good information, there is no reason to be slathering questionable chemicals onto your skin every day, and the more people demand better, the more the industry may be forced to rethink their toxic ingredients and change.

Dr. Allan Tomson, DC is the executive director of Neck back & Beyond Healing Arts, an integrative wellness center in Fairfax, with a satellite office in Manassas. Not your ordinary chiropractor, he has skills and experience in functional medicine, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral therapy and Cayce protocols.

Pam Snyder, Young Living educator and valued member of our Neck Back & Beyond family of practitioners, brings a wealth of knowledge through her health coaching and consulting work with individuals and groups. Young Living offers a full line of hair and skin-care products, as well as a makeup line that combines premium formulas with pure ingredients. 

Join Neck, Back & Beyond at their next essential oil class to learn about toxic-free allergy relief, bug repellents and sun soothers at 1 pm on June 23 and their next film, Sustainable, that seeks to understand the impact of every-day products on our agricultural system and the climate. The film will be shown at 7 pm on June 28. For more information, visit


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