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A New Oasis for Well-Being in Reston

A Spotlight on Rise Well-Being Center

There is a new model for maintaining well-being in northern Virginia, and it is now serving health-seekers from all corners of the greater metropolitan area. Rise Well-Being Center, founded by Lisa Goodwin, opened its doors March 1 at 11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, in Reston. Their mission is to offer a path to wholeness by consciously creating an environment that uplifts and renews by providing a variety of tools for one’s unique journey and by supporting community.

Rise offers nature, balance and peace, with the intention to nurture every sense for anyone who walks through their doors. They accomplish this by creating an uplifting environment with an indoor garden/gathering area and purposefully steeping the entire space with elements, textures, sounds and smells to delight all the senses and restore balance.

Within this oasis, they offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and experiences, acknowledging that every "body" is different. These offerings fall into three main categories: mindful movement, meditation and wellness. The Center also provides individualized attention and support through one-on-one sessions with highly skilled, compassionate professionals.

Goodwin’s inspiration for the center came as a vision while on a spiritual retreat at Capon Springs, in West Virginia. Having been single for a few years, and spending her days as a stay-at-home mom, she was using this opportunity on retreat to ponder her next steps. This mountain resort has special spring water known for its healing properties. Goodwin recounts, “I was in one of their baths and out of my mouth came the words, ‘I should open a healing center in Reston which focuses on nature.’ I wondered where that idea came from but got excited about the possibility of helping people to feel better through interacting with nature.”

Over the next few years, with great encouragement and focus, Goodwin’s journey to bring this dream to reality took root and blossomed. She envisioned and documented all the details and layered supportive elements with words of affirmation on the unfinished floors and walls, crystals throughout, plants and natural elements in every space, healing music permeating the space, as well as the indoor garden area—an essential element for building community.

Goodwin used her educational background—a B.S. in Commerce and an M.S. in Information Systems—and her previous corporate experience, to help build the vision. She notes, “I had been studying energy therapies for a few years and knew that many healers were not able to make a living at it. I wanted to offer a living wage and fair compensation to employees and contractors. Using a model called ‘conscious capitalism’ based on the work of John MacKay and Raj Sisodia, I built my business on the belief of a purpose beyond profit. We actually have a triple bottom line: people, planet, profits.”

The consciousness of the business extended to the construction and the materials used of the Center, as well. “Knowing about energy and how that affects everything, I set out to find the most ethically made and locally sourced products to build and furnish Rise. I relied on my own research and the expertise of my architect to find green materials. I personally vetted almost every product used in the finish construction, fixtures and furnishing.  I spent hundreds of hours finding materials and fixtures ethically made in the U.S. and from small businesses. Our furnishings came from second-hand sources and we used reclaimed lumber products,” notes Goodwin.

As the journey to create Rise continued, miracles continued to happen. As any need would arise, Goodwin recounts that “things I needed including money and resources kept showing up. Someday I will write a book about all the miracles and coincidences that occurred.” The Center, supported by a strong team, eagerly welcomes local health- and well-being-seekers of all ages and stations in life for classes, workshops, individual consolations, as well as a space just to experience what they call "whole being" health.

For a full list of workshops, monthly promotions and other special ways that anyone can try out Rise, visit RiseWellbeing.Center.

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