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Letter From the Publisher

Jul 31, 2018 10:56PM
Dear Friends,

We’ve almost made it through the summer, and now back-to-school season is just around the corner. At this time of year, it is easy to begin to feel the stress mounting, as more and more demands are placed upon us. Our goal at Natural Awakenings is to help you pause, slow down, re-center and find inspiration in the midst of life’s hectic pace.

This month’s issue focuses on the topic of simplified parenting. Our feature article explores some of the joys that come from healthy, happy children with advice from some of the most highly regarded experts in the field of parenting. It starts with learning how best to communicate with your children and learning their unique love language. Although all parents would like to think that their child is perfect, we know that there are times they can disappoint us. Learning how to process that disappointment is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your children and helps to build stronger bonds so that your child feels the support he or she needs. Finally, it is vital in our increasingly hectic lifestyles that parents give their children the space to wonder, play, explore, while creating rhythms and rituals—the memories of which will last a lifetime.

In my own family, my daughters and I would spend two weeks every August at the same oceanfront cottage, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Sometimes the best quality time with your children is when nothing is planned or scheduled. Our feature article helps and supports parents with tips on less scheduling and more casual time.

Additionally, our Healthy Kids article provides some basic, but necessary, information on how to grow a healthy child to adulthood by bolstering your kids’ immune systems. Healthy fruits and vegetables are certainly part of that process, but it also can include exercise and essential oils. Boosting your child’s immunity also embraces a childhood favorite activity—making mud-pies. Being outside so that their growing bodies are exposed to the germs that are in the dirt helps their bodies understand how best to fight off illness as they become adults. It's refreshing to know that all those hours I spent with my brothers playing in the dirt turned out to help our immune systems.

Finally, we return to more adult topics and look at the renewed emphasis on multilevel healing. The article on this topic by Marcia Childress, of the Rise Well-Being Center, in Reston, reminds us that it is vital to seek holistic healing at all the levels—physical as well as psychological and spiritual.. She reflects on how most health care providers have become “parts-fixers” rather than healers that strive for wholeness. I hope that her article will bring to you more awareness of your own health concerns and suggest some new pathways to find well-being. A wonderful complement to Childress’ piece is the introduction of the Indigo Path, being offered in Georgetown. Dr. Isabel Sharkar provides the details this month, as well.

There is still some time to get out in the sunshine, in the dirt, in the fresh air and to enjoy the waves. Most of all, I hope that your summer brings a time of refreshment to your spirit, for you and your children.





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