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Multilevel Healing Means Wholeness and Well-Being

Jul 31, 2018 10:12PM
by Marcia Childress
Multilevel Healing is a new term for an ancient concept and it equates with my understanding of “holistic healing.” Holistic has come to mean “alternative” or natural, when in fact holistic means “as a whole.” It is engaging all levels of a person: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As a Holistic practitioner for 40 years, I have seen that providing, receiving and understanding multilevel practice is an ever-deepening experience.

In the early 1980s when I started as a massage therapist, I was deeply rewarded by the feedback I got from my clients and the balanced, energized state I always experienced during and after the treatment. I had a youthful innocence in my intention to benefit. I was fully engaged, and my interaction affected more than muscle, nerve and lymph. Natural multilevel healing began to unfold as consistent interactions over time helped to build confidence, self-respect, emotional and mental clarity, self-awareness and better life-choices.

During the decades since this initial work in healing, I have studied nursing, subtle energy healing, yoga and meditation. I now understand more clearly what was happening with my massage clients. I was naturally able to be completely present and non-judgmental while providing a service with full attention.

That is a key quality of the provider of multilevel healing. Clients can feel safe and let themselves receive. This creates opportunity to sense deep into themselves. Known and unknown shifts are possible, while insights, strength, guidance, wisdom or whatever is needed is found. This process assists in self-healing on any level of imbalance. It is my understanding that all healing is self-healing. Even in the case of surgery or pharmaceutical use—it is the body’s wisdom that uses this intervention to recover, deal with side effects and return to balance.

Multilevel healing is when whole beings are treating whole beings. Of course, we are all always whole beings—but we are largely unaware of this. We live mostly in our heads, with emotional and physical moments. When the awareness of our wholeness can inspire awareness of wholeness in others, shifting toward healing is encouraged. When any level of our complex mental/emotional/physical/spiritual-self shifts, all levels shift—because we are not parts. We are whole. Therefore, physical symptoms are improved with mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

These are intertwined with our physical healing. No symptom is isolated from thoughts, emotions, stresses, food, sleep or environment. This is not my opinion, this is biology. It is important to look at all habits when a symptom or illness emerges. Taking “baby steps” toward good habits can begin to result in big changes because you are shifting the big picture of your self-concept, life and health with every step you take.

We live in a compartmentalized society. Our conditioning can make it hard to feel whole. Our health care protocols are based in compartmentalization. As an RN, I see that we engage in medical “part-fixing.” The root of illness is overlooked to remove the bud. In practice, individuals often become known to the physician as their medical problem. We hear about “the appendectomy in room 208.” It is the norm that people become parts, yet this is a great mistake and it has taught us to compartmentalize ourselves.

A return to the experience of reality—of our wholeness—will reveal that we can all heal. Even when illness remains, our multilevel healing journey can bring us comfort in any journey we are on.

Marcia Childress, RN, is the program director at Rise Well-Being Center, in Reston. To learn more, visit


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