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Journey to China to Explore TCM and Wellness

Can you take two weeks from your routine for an experience that will last a lifetime? The 2018 TCM Wellness (Yang-Sheng) Study will be embarking on just such a journey in China, from November 4 through 18. On this trip, participants will explore traditional Chinese medicine and wellness practices and experience what they can do for you while enjoying Chinese hospitality, food, culture, sightseeing and more.

The participants from the 2017 study tour had an overwhelmingly positive response and have recounted their unforgettable experiences, such as: “It was a comprehensive 10-day journey of a beautiful country—studying the heart, mind and soul of the most important medicine, Energy medicine. With [the instructor’s] scientific credentials and contacts in China, he gave us a gift of extraordinary knowledge and many healthy lifestyle techniques that are invaluable. The generosity of spirit and gifts of treatments, knowledge and wisdom were filled with a hospitality and grace of the best from China’s culture and people.”

All participants can rest assured that they will be well cared for by the tour leader, hotel staff and other leaders, who are all English-speaking. For those who are eager to explore the country even more, there are two additional add-on options at the end of the tour. In the first, there will be two days of lectures and treatments, by instructor Bao, a pioneer in releasing stored emotional trauma for better health.  The second option is a trip to Xian, known for its beauty and history. The price for these additional trips will depend on the number of participants.

Cost: $2,000 for all food, transportation within China, treatments and massages, luxury hotels and entertainment. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated. For more information, visit

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