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Letter From the Publisher

Sep 27, 2018 10:36PM
Dear Readers,

As we transition into Fall—my favorite time of year—we are entering another of our region’s spectacular displays of nature. From the crisp air in the city allowing windows to be open to fresh air to the beautiful foliage along the country roads. There's nothing like getting outdoors to enjoy hiking in the parks and woods during this season.

Fall also is that time of year we cross our fingers that hurricanes stay out at sea and are only a conversation piece. Unfortunately, Florence is at the Carolina's shoreline as I write this letter. I have family in North Carolina; my younger brother lives in Kitty Hawk and my elderly mother lives in Kill Devil Hills—both barrier island towns. The good news is they are not taking the brunt of this storm, but are bracing for heavy rains, flooding and winds regardless. It reminds me that Mother Nature has both the power to heal as well as harm. I hope that we all get through this troubling time of potentially destructive weather so that we get to enjoy the changing leaves, the delightful cool days and our cozy sweaters.

The other season that is now upon us is election season. While the entire country takes part in this biennial exercise of democracy as we elect our members of Congress and local officials, we face a different kind of flood—of information, negative ads and nasty partisanship—all in the name of running the political machinery. Yet, our feature on Game Changers this month reminds us that there are other ways that we can look to make changes. In fact, we see the tide of change coming from the younger generations and our feature article, “Youths Step Up to the Global Challenge: Fresh Hope for a Troubled Planet” presents us a sampling of the great things that young people are doing to make positive changes locally or throughout the world.

This riveting piece by senior editor, Linda Sechrist, will not only distract you from cable news but inspire you to find areas in your world that need a bit more hope. In her complementary piece, Dr. Isabel Sharkar, of Indigo Integrative Clinic, in Georgetown, offers pearls of wisdom to young people (and the young at heart), meant to guide us to shake up and change for the better, our own little piece of the world.

We also feature articles this month on chiropractic and bone health. October is National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM). The event raises public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care and its natural, whole-person, patient-centered and drug-free approach to health and wellness. Dr. Allan Tomson, the executive director of Neck, Back & Beyond and well-known Fairfax-based chiropractor, gives us a brief overview of the history of chiropractic care and makes suggestions on how it can be incorporated into our healthy regimes. Susan Brady, of Nurtured Bones, adds a wonderful addition to the conversation with a piece on the importance of maintaining good posture for our overall health.

There is so much good information packed into this issue of Natural Awakenings—I hope you read through it all and heed the changes offered by our writers. But don’t forget to put on your hiking boots and get outside to enjoy the spectacular show we get to enjoy each Fall.





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