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Tending the Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Holidays

Rise Well-Being Center Keeps You Grounded in December

December already?! If your 2018 has flown by, do you have interest in slowing down to savor 2019? Do you ask yourself if that is possible, and if so, how?  Yes! Yes! Yes—it is possible, even in this most demanding D.C. area. You may wonder how. This is a layered and individualized answer that cannot be completely addressed in the have space here, but you can be guided in a direction to begin answering this for yourself.

Like the fable of five blind men describing an elephant in five ways because of which part they touched, there are many unique ways for you to begin slowing a racing mind, body, and emotions to be more present. These are taught in yoga, prayer, mindfulness, music, art and more.

A first step is deciding that this goal is important—affirming that your quality of daily life can be heightened, and you are both worthy of this and capable, too. Deciding on a deep level stirs your untapped recourses. Throughout this magazine, you will find many avenues you can explore to support this process. Engage with one that speaks to you.

The polarities of this last month of the year can wreak havoc. On one hand, we are frenzied in the pursuit of holiday celebrations. On the other hand, nature is turning inward to rest. We are affected by both pulls, aware or not. They are both strong influences on our body and energy level. Awareness of these influences helps us navigate this time by honoring what we need.

Throughout December, Rise Well-Being Center, in Reston, helps you with both seasonal elements. They are offering multiple unique "gift" opportunities. On December 1, Louise Yale is hosting a private art viewing and sale. On December 2, they will be hosting a workshop titled “Make Your Own Crystal Perfume.” From December 3 to 22, they will be hosting a Holiday Bazaar of local artisans in their entryway, and on December 15 they will be offering an opportunity to buy crystals and learn all about them.

The staff at Rise Well-Being Center always offers our many deeply-calming, aligning and empowering classes and one-on-ones to keep our members and guests uplifted while they settle in for the winter. They help keep the hearth of your heart, mind and spirit warm through these dark months with a series of nurturing classes. On December 5, they will be offering a special Brain Balancing experience that will help with any resolutions you are cultivating, on December 6, they will meditate on the New Moon, and then on December 14, Woven Green will weave their mystical musical web in their amazing Soundscape mediation.

Decide to prioritize slowing down internally, even if your life is full. Savor your days, all 365 of them in 2019!

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