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Letter From the Publisher

Jan 02, 2019 09:10PM
Dear Readers,

With the birth of a new year and a metaphorical new start, Natural Awakenings is here to encourage empowerment and a hopeful vision for a healthy lifestyle. For the past 25 years, Natural Awakenings magazines across the country have been publishing the most viable (and vital) information—keeping you apprised of leading-edge, preventive, health-promoting and graceful-aging techniques, technologies, products and services for immediate use. It is our mission in life and our pleasure to have been able to do this for so many years—and still going strong.

Our major theme this month go to the core of our mission—and to the core of your health. Namely, we look at how to you, our readers, can strengthen and support one of the most vital parts of our bodies—your internal organs. There has been a great deal of research on the engines of our bodies in recent years. As is noted in our feature article this month by Ronica A. O’Hara, there is greater emphasis currently “because the organs create the vital essences of life, and our emotional and mental health depends to a great extent on how healthy our organs are.”

Simple steps that anyone can take—by watching what we put into our mouths, onto our skin, noticing how we move and breathe and how we handle stress—all have a part in maintaining vibrancy in our brain, heart, lungs, kidney and liver. This month, we make it simple by offering tips to assess your current organ health, making suggestions on what to eat and drink and how to move to support each organ. Following these first steps make it possible to rediscover health all year long.

Just as New Year's Eve celebrations stir a sense of nostalgia, the arrival of January 1, 2019, recharges heartfelt goals for the days and months ahead. Values of love and respect for life essential to the natural health movement empower us to excel at personal, community and planetary levels. We hope you are feeling that too. Happy New Year!


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