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The Viscera—Better Known as Internal Organs: How to Cleanse and Strengthen

by Allan Tomson
Visceral manipulation practitioners, particularly those with qualifications as holistic chiropractors, are committed to helping patients be as healthy as they can be. This means going beyond relieving symptoms to optimizing the function of all systems in the body. They can look at each system in the body and ask, “what are some things we can do specifically that will help this area function well.”

Our bodies have an incredible ability to keep going while under significant stress. We call this reserve capacity. It lets us bounce back from a night on the town without slowing down or being completely bed ridden (within limits of course). This reserve is what you want to build up. It’s like the body’s savings account.

Let’s look at some of the more important organs that we can actively support to build it.

The immune system: Of primary importance, the immune system keeps us healthy and prevents infections. Organs related to the immune system are the spleen and thymus. Vitamin C is the go-to supplement to keep our immune system on track. A dose around one to 2 grams per day is adequate. Larger doses of vitamin C with echinacea and elderberry can be used to combat the onset of a cold.

It is important to be consistent with herbal medicine. Dosing four to five times throughout the day is necessary. Use vitamin C at least 600 mg per dose, four times per day. The Linus Pauling Institute found that for vitamin C cell saturation, a dose of 400 mg. is required, which is viewed as the minimum dose. Aging and illness may demand much more.

The Liver: This is a wonderful organ with a big job as it produces more than 3,000 enzymes to perform many jobs from sugar management to detoxification to protein synthesis and more. We can support the liver in several ways. Herbal supplements that support liver health include dandelion greens in a smoothie or in tincture and capsule form. NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) is an amino acid and a precursor to glutathione a powerful antioxidant. Alpha lipoic acid, another antioxidant, is very liver-protective. These are just a few of many products that help the Liver.

Edgar Cayce, the medical intuitive, channeled many remedies in his readings. A very prominent one, the castor oil pack, has been used for improving liver function for decades. It’s a simple, one-hour hot compress over the liver that improves the organs function and metabolism. Castor oil packs are thought to enliven the energy of the lymphatic system, thus facilitating toxin removal by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Kidneys: Along with the liver, kidneys form an essential part of the body’s defense against toxicity. Cayce channeled that the kidneys can be purified with cola syrup. It will gently create an alkaline environment in the kidneys. To make the basic syrup, use one-part cola syrup to three-parts water, without carbonation added. Cayce suggested avoiding any drinks with carbonation.

As stress inhabits our bodies, energy is blocked which can interfere with both physiology and function. In addition to vitamin and herbal medicines, some ancient forms of Chinese martial arts like tai chi and qigong can build up energy in the body, while reducing stress. These very powerful healing systems should be an essential part of any organ-cleansing program.

Dr. Allan Tomson, DC is the Executive Director of Neck back & Beyond Healing Arts, an integrative wellness center in Fairfax, with a satellite office in Manassas.  Not your ordinary chiropractor, Tomson has skills and experience in functional medicine, visceral manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy and Cayce protocols.

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