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Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends,

February is, in so many ways, an in-between month when we transition from winter to "Hey, it's almost spring!" It can test our spirits and resiliency, but it can also make our hearts yearn for the delightful signs of the coming warmer days. We all can agree it's been an interesting past 12 months of weather patterns as climate variability affects our temperatures and precipitation, the extremes will become even more noticeable. Yet, there is much we can do personally to live into this new reality, while keeping a check on our own health.

February is also the month we distract one another by focusing on matters of the heart, as many enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day. Our feature articles this month look at various aspects of the heart—from the joys and challenges of being a long-term relationship, to the benefits of hugging, to health-related heart issues. Our main feature this month offers insights into women’s heart health. At near-epidemic rates, women are dying of cardio-vascular disease, with about 44 million women in the U.S. alone being diagnosed with some form of the disease. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), one in three women die each year, making it the leading killer of women.

Yet, with the increasing levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices, this rate will continue to stay the same or increase. Linda Marshall writes this month of new lifestyle choices that women (and men) can make to fend off the likelihood of cardio-vascular disease. Local health practitioners like integrative nutritionist Elizabeth McMillian, from the Rose Wellness Center in Oakton, and Dr. Allan Tomson, a chiropractor and functional medical specialist from Neck, Back & Beyond in Fairfax, offer the wisdom that you need to know about your heart and suggest ways to keep it healthy.

In our ongoing series of webinars sponsored by Natural Awakenings, Washington D.C., Dr. Alex Leon will be offering a free online presentation on integrative approaches to thyroid issues. Much like heart disease, about 20 million Americans (women and men) suffer from type of thyroid disease, and for many, it is undiagnosed.

Make February your month to keep up your resolutions (remember those?) and find the best ways to protect your heart and your thyroid. This is the month of love and time to lavish a little bit of love and self-care on yourself.


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